Sharp Wins 18 Top Awards from BLI Awards

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, has earned six Summer 2015 Pick awards from Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging products and solutions. Sharp received top accolades across the multifunction printer (MFP) product spectrum, including the flagship Pro Series, for superior quality and high reliability in their respective categories.

BLI’s semi-annual awards are given to the hardware and software offerings judged to demonstrate the most important performance factors for buyers. With its Pick awards, BLI gives special recognition to those products with the most outstanding performance across its exhaustive lab tests. The Outstanding Achievement awards acknowledge products or capabilities that exhibit attributes such as innovation, usefulness, energy efficiency, reliability or value.

“Sharp’s A3 Pick winners prove that there doesn’t have to be a cost trade-off for high performance,” said George Mikolay, BLI’s Senior Product Editor for A3 Copiers/MFPs. “These Pick winning models are among the lowest cost of their peers, and exhibited excellent reliability over the course of nearly 1 million combined impressions. Add in innovative features which including tandem printing, an integrated keyboard to simplify data entry, Sharp Cloud Portal Office integration, and in the case of the Sharp Pro Series, integration of EFI Fiery Command WorkStation into the control panel and full-bleed booklet printing, and you have an overall value offering that’s hard to beat.”

Sharp’s Flagship MX-6500N / MX-7500N Pro Series

Equipped with the advanced MX-PE10 EFI™ Fiery® Server controller, the Sharp MX-6500N and Sharp MX-7500N models won the Pick for the “Outstanding 61- to 70-ppm A3 Color MFP” and “Outstanding 71- to 80-ppm A3 Color MFP” categories, respectively. Ideal for Print On-Demand environments, the Pro Series models were noted for their competitive price, high reliability and excellent feature set–including the optional air-feed system and industry-first integration of EFI’s Command WorkStation into the touch-screen display of the device.

The Pro Series provides multifunction versatility with unique key features that enhance operability and maintain consistent results page after page, job after job, with stunning image quality and increased reliability.

Sharp MX-564N / MX-M754N Monochrome Workgroup / High-Speed Document Systems

Sharp’s monochrome MFP models also received top marks. Part of the Sharp Essentials Series delivering excellent value for busy workgroup environments, the MX-M564N was awarded this summer’s Pick in the “Outstanding Entry-Level 51- to 60-ppm A3 Monochrome MFP” category. Designed with cost-conscious customers in mind, the MX-M564N provides full multifunction capability (copying, network printing and network scanning) at a speed of 56-ppm.

Also recognized was the high speed Sharp MX-M754N which was selected as the recipient of the Pick in the “Outstanding 71- to 80-ppm A3 Monochrome MFP” category. Designed for large workgroups and departmental environments with demanding workflow requirements, the MX-754N delivers high productivity and strong versatility, along with powerful multitasking workflow features and exceptional image quality at speeds up to 75-ppm.

Sharp MX-C301W Color Desktop Workgroup Systems.

The MX-C301W color MFP received the Pick in both the “Outstanding Color MFP for Small to Mid-Size Workgroups” and “Outstanding Achievement in Energy Efficiency” categories. Offering exceptional color output combined with flexible workflow capabilities, the MX-C301W has a compact footprint that fits on a small desk. BLI also praised the model’s superior energy efficiency with energy consumption rates roughly 51 percent lower than the competitive average.

Sharp’s Highly Recommended Document Systems

In addition to the six best in class wins, all twelve of Sharp’s document systems reviewed by BLI were given “highly recommended” ratings–the highest mark a product can receive from the industry evaluator.”Sharp is proud to receive six Summer 2015 Pick Awards from BLI for outstanding MFP performance,” said Mike Marusic, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Operations, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. “Our mission is to continuously enhance our R&D to provide customers with the industry leading productivity and reliability. These latest awards from BLI re-affirm our commitment to that goal.”

About Buyers Laboratory LLC

Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) is the world’s leading independent provider of analytical information and services to the digital imaging and document management industry. For over 50 years, buyers have relied on BLI to help them differentiate products’ strengths and weaknesses and make the best purchasing decisions, while industry sales, marketing and product professionals have turned to BLI for insightful competitive intelligence and valued guidance on product development, competitive positioning and sales channel and marketing support. Using BLI’s web-based bliQ and Solutions Center services, 40,000 professionals worldwide create extensive side-by-side comparisons of hardware and software solutions for over 15,000 products globally, including comprehensive specifications and the performance results and ratings from BLI’s unparalleled Lab, Solutions and Environmental Test Reports, the result of months of hands-on evaluation in its US and UK labs. The services, also available via mobile devices, include a comprehensive library of BLI’s test reports, an image gallery, hard to find manufacturers’ literature and valuable tools for configuring products, calculating total cost of ownership (TCO) and annual power usage. BLI also offers consulting and private, for-hire testing services that help manufacturers develop and market better products and consumables.

For more information on Buyers Laboratory LLC, please call 973-797-2100, visit or email

About Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, markets the advanced, MX Series multifunction printers (MFP) systems that help companies manage workflow efficiently and increase productivity. Sharp® MFPs feature the Sharp OSA® development platform, which seamlessly integrates network applications to create a personalized MFP that can meet virtually any business need, and Scan2 technology, which scans two-sided documents in a single pass to enhance scanning reliability and preserve document integrity. To keep documents safe from unauthorized users, Sharp is a leader in the MFP industry in security by offering the most secure suite of MFP applications.

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Lexmark Finds Use for Recycled Toner

Why is Lexmark Awesome? They Paved Their driveway with recycled toner!

At a glance, the pavement put down recently outside a building at Lexmark’s corporate headquarters in Lexington, Ky., looks no different from typical asphalt. But at Lexmark, it represents an opportunistic solution to an old problem — what to do with leftover toner — and for the asphalt and printer industries, it could mean a major development in sustainability.

Put simply, the asphalt contains more than 9,000 pounds of toner captured from what remains in recycled printer cartridges.

The parking lot on Lexmark’s Lexington campus is the first commercial application in North America of a product called TonerPave, which uses the same toner powder used in Lexmark printers to make asphalt — and possibly make it better.

“We have been trying to find an efficient way to reuse and recycle toner for well over 10 years,” said John Gagel, corporate manager, sustainability. “TonerPave is an efficient and effective manner in which to recycle toner. We’re now demonstrating that we have a solution that can be utilized in a sustainable manner. It’s part of the circular economy.”

Partnership with Close the Loop

Toner Pave 3TonerPave was developed by Lexmark’s longtime sustainability partner Close the Loop, an Australia-based company that recycles printer cartridges from Lexmark and other companies at its plants, including one in Hebron, Ky. Close the Loop has been partnered with Lexmark for more than 15 years and is the world’s largest recycling and resource recovery company for imaging consumables.

Lexmark has been working on toner reuse and recycling options, but no other post-market solution could be found for it except in a “waste-to-energy” scenario, in which the toner is used as fuel in waste facilities to generate electricity.

Lexmark turned to Close the Loop to see whether it could help. From there, Close the Loop developed an asphalt additive, a composite incorporating waste toner and other recycled materials called modified toner polymer, or MTP. The new additive improves the asphalt quality and performance, with an environmental benefit of producing low-carbon asphalt at no additional cost. Thus was born TonerPave.

By the numbers, for each 1,000 pounds of asphalt, there are 50 pounds of binder. In the new product, 5 pounds of the binder are MTP, of which 4.75 pounds, or 95 percent, are recycled toner.

The product has been used in Australia since last year; the Lexmark parking lot is the first commercial use in North America.

Besides Close the Loop, Lexmark is partnering on the project with general contractor Denham Blythe, paving company APM and asphalt mixer The Allen Co., all of which are based in Lexington, Ky.

APM President Peter Kramer said, “We like to be sustainable in any way we can be. We look forward to these opportunities. We were excited to learn about the TToner Pave2onerPave process and use in this project in particular — but also would like to use it in the future on other jobs as the performances prove themselves out.”

If long-term observations of TonerPave bear out the results from the past year, it could prove to be an asphalt improvement for equal value. Performance of the pavement used in the Lexmark paving project will be evaluated over time and compared to the traditional asphalt control.

“We are able to provide a product that does not increase the raw material cost of laying asphalt pavement,” said Dean Vukovic, Close the Loop’s director of business development. “This is the model we have successfully built in Australia and expect no different in the U.S. market.”

Close the Loop has already begun work on the next generation of TonerPave which will further advance the sustainability and performance benefits through the incorporation of rubber from recycled tires.

For more information on how Lexmark works to being a responsible neighbor, employer and global corporate citizen click here.

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Lexmark Launches Kofax Claims Agility

Claims Agility eliminates manual, labor-intensive processes and

speeds claim processing

News Facts

  • Lexmark International, Inc., a global technology leader, today launched Kofax Claims Agility™, an ICD-10 compliant software solution that automatically processes institutional and professional medical claims and supporting documents. It captures, extracts and validates all patient, provider and service line data, identifies invalid medical codes and enables knowledge workers to quickly review or correct errors and to accept, escalate or deny claims as appropriate.
  • Kofax Claims Agility replaces manual, paper-based processes with a complete digital solution, improves operational efficiency, and speeds identification of problematic claims and resolution with providers.  It also enables validation workers to make a more informed decision about the next appropriate action, expedites the transition of ‘clean claims’ and corrected claims into the downstream adjudication process, and reduces the cost of claims processing.
  • This new solution solves the overwhelming paper challenges insurers face due to the influx of more than 15 million people brought into the healthcare system through the Affordable Care Act, which has resulted in an estimated 190 million new claims, with an estimated 15 million of those being paper-based.
  • Kofax Claims Agility accelerates claims automation projects for health insurance carriers, property and casualty insurance companies processing injury claims, large healthcare providers and third-party administrators. Designed to process medical claims quickly and efficiently, Claims Agility is built on the TotalAgility® smart process application platform that enables organizations to quickly integrate with back-end systems, create new processes that fit their environment, and monitor, analyze and improve system and user performance through operational analytics. Customers can also take advantage of additional functionality contained in the TotalAgility platform, including customer communications management, information integration, mobile, and e-signature, and leverage these capabilities at any point in the process to minimize workflow gaps and maximize provider and subscriber satisfaction.

Supporting Quotes

“Claims Agility empowers claims processors to make smarter, earlier decisions about claims by automatically capturing, extracting and validating all patient, provider and service line data, and enables knowledge workers to quickly review and correct errors,” said Reynolds C. Bish, vice president, Lexmark and president, Enterprise Software. “Claims are converted into standard EDI files and directed to downstream adjudication processes, thereby increasing operational efficiency, reducing cycle times and costs, ensuring compliance and improving customer service.”

Industry experts expect to see a multitude of denied charges for coding and billing errors when the industry changes to ICD-10 on October 1, 2015. When diagnosis codes change to more specific coding, there may be mismatches with medical necessity and provider payment guidelines. Payers have not changed or may not have released their payment determinations for the new codes.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has warned that denial rates could increase 100% to 200% in the early stages of ICD-10 implementation.

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Lexmark Looks to Open the Possibilities


A few weeks ago Lexmark presented a Webinar for press and analysts, updating us on what’s going on. There was a lot of information to sort through, some of it old, some of it new, but none borrowed and none blue, all painting a vivid portrait of the current state of affairs at Lexmark, primarily from a solutions perspective.

Earlier this year Lexmark announced a new global branding campaign in an effort to position itself as more than just a hardware provider. Many of us who have attended Lexmark press and analyst briefings in the past kind of saw that coming. As Mike Johnson, vice president North American Business Channels & SMB, said when discussing the company’s new tagline, ‘Open the Possibilities,’ “based on the acquisitions we’ve made Lexmark has much more value to offer its partners and customers.”

Those acquisitions are exclusively software companies. And if Johnson’s message wasn’t clear enough, he further emphasized that Lexmark is no longer just a printer company.

“We’re changing to focus on the higher value solutions business,” Johnson added. “All acquired companies and the Lexmark organization are coming together under one company and one brand.”

For example, under the new branding, Lexmark’s Perceptive Software is now part of its Enterprise Software division. Among the products in that group are Perceptive Intelligent Capture, Perceptive Search, and Perceptive Content, so the Perceptive name isn’t being completely retired.

“Perceptive will transform from a company to a brand in Lexmark,” added Johnson. “It’s all part of our global transformation, one company under one brand.”

That initiative makes perfect sense since promoting the Perceptive Software brand didn’t draw a direct connect to Lexmark, at least for the unperceptive.

Lexmark hasn’t been hesitant about investing in software companies, starting with Perceptive in 2010 and culminating with this year’s Kofax acquisition. Overall the company has invested more than $2 billion in software companies.

The Kofax acquisition, which closed on May 21, ranks as one of the top stories in the document imaging industry for 2015. As previously reported the acquisition doubles Lexmark’s software business from $350 million to $700 million. Coinciding with the closing was the news that Kofax CEO Reynolds Bish will take over as president of Lexmark Enterprise Software upon the retirement of Scott Coons in July.

Asked how Lexmark sees its software business growing beyond $700 million and what factors will contribute to further growth, Johnson replied, “Our goal as an organization is to grow that business organically and get it over a billion dollars. That’s the focus for the next couple of years and Reynolds has a proven track record in the software industry and we think he’s going to be a significant addition to the overall Lexmark team.”

Lexmark’s solutions mission these days seems to be centered around unstructured data, which makes a lot of sense considering some of its acquisitions.

“Our goal is to solve that unstructured data challenge,” observed Johnson. “We want to be able to connect people with the information they need to run their business more effectively and efficiently.”

The Perceptive products within the Enterprise Software division will remain the flagship products for meeting the unstructured data challenge that Johnson was referring to.

Following Johnson’s presentation, Phil Boatman, business alliance manager; Sean Endicott, senior manager, North American Channel Business Development, and Doug Frazier, manager, solutions engagement, North American Channel, dug deeper into Lexmark’s 2015 solutions strategy, which includes continued investment in strategic software acquisitions.

A couple of interesting developments include an increased focus and packaging of vertical solutions, an emphasis on opportunity based engagements for the Perceptive products, a shift in Lexmark’s strategic solutions roadmap such as focusing on added feature/function/value, and accelerating the ReadSoft Online introduction to the third quarter of 2015.

A good portion of the Webinar was devoted to ReadSoft Online, which is a multitenant, cloud-based invoice capture and accounts payable automation solution that is reportedly extremely secure and scalable and is device agnostic. It automates the accounts payable process in an organization and integrates with various on-premise and cloud-based ERP, software and hardware partners’ applications and MFPs.

This software should be of interest to dealers as it provides what Lexmark describes as a highly differentiated solution platform that targets core business areas across all verticals. Plus it’s scalable and suitable for small to enterprise class accounts. According to Boatman, ReadSoft Online broadens Lexmark’s expertise in the accounts payable arena.

“This is where we are getting a lot of that Cloudshare focus,” he says. “Adding more expertise into a core area of business that all verticals have—invoices and accounts payable. Whereas ReadSoft’s Accuread software was device driven on the MFP—for classification, sorting, and extracting information—ReadSoft Online takes it to the next level in terms of the detail it can pull from the document and different media it can collect, whether from an electronic invoice or e-mail.”

It also allows for integration with backend systems in the SMB space. Plus it is vendor neutral and scalable from a large office to a large organization processing thousands and thousands of invoices per month.

Lexmark feels that dealers will embrace this solution because it’s user friendly and allows for easy on-boarding of customers. Plus it has a low cost of ownership.

“It’s a highly engaging solution from a customer perspective, something that will compliment their existing systems as far as how it interacts,” adds Frazier. “It has the ability to operate within the context of the systems they currently use.

ReadSoft currently has a 4 percent share of this market today and Lexmark is looking to grow that number with this introduction.

Another interesting initiative is the Accelerated Opportunity Program, which will help partners uncover and close opportunities for the Perceptive solutions, with Lexmark personnel working alongside them and training them as resellers for its various solutions.

For Lexmark’s partners, the Accelerated Opportunity Program eliminates upfront investment to gain the expertise and the dealer doesn’t carry financial risk of investing in these packages. Lexmark will provide additional staffing to get the dealer started.

With all this software on the menu Lexmark plans to focus on a core set of dealers with the appetite and resources to drive these offerings.

“We’re working on helping our dealers focus on opportunities in the market that they can capitalize on with a set of tools from Lexmark—our software solutions, consulting, services, whatever we can help them with to address a particular market need,” added Doug Frazier. “In looking at where Lexmark has built strength through acquisition and consistent focus the area of accounts payable becomes a ripe area for our partners to look at. This is available for every account our dealer might focus on or are focusing on. We’re already targeting it in mid enterprise customers with workflow solutions. This offers a packaged way to address this market, a market with enormous growth potential.”

Lexmark will assist them in capitalizing with expertise, tools, and training on how to engage with accounts payable, finance, etc.

Finally, and something that the folks at Lexmark are excited about is the new Corporate Briefing Center in Lexington. Described by Greg Chavers, director Value Channel, as “an interactive forum to share Lexmark technology solutions and business differentiators and gain valuable customer/partner insights that impact the bottom line.”

Press and analysts will see that when they visit Lexmark in October.

There’s a lot going on at Lexmark and plenty of possibilities for the future, many of which are opening up now. It’s safe to assume that there will be more to report on in October.

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Three Best of Show Awards

At InfoComm 2015

We are proud to announce that we have once again “wowed” the Pro AV business space. At InfoComm 2015, we recently received three top awards for our flagship AQUOS BOARD™ interactive display system product line and upcoming 120″ Class 4K Ultra-High Definition Commercial Display product.

The following awards represent how Sharp has cemented its position as a trendsetter and market leader by delivering the technology that helps users better communicate, collaborate and gain efficiencies using Sharp’s open-platform collaborative display solutions.

Tech & Learning’s “Best Edtech of InfoComm”
Sharp 80″ Class PN-L803C AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display System


Sporting a thin, lightweight and stylish design featuring edge-to-edge glass and multi-board functionality, the premium-grade 80″ Class PN-L803C display employs Sharp capacitive touch technology – virtually eliminating latency, making the interface so intuitive and responsive that it feels like writing on a conventional whiteboard in real time! With the Multi Board function, up to three PN-L803C displays can be connected and used to display sequential pages that can be navigated by swiping side to side.The editors of Tech & Learning select honorees based on how well their technology serves the education market, judging entrants on factors including design, usability and affordability. At InfoComm 2015, Tech & Learning recognized the new Sharp 80″ Class PN-L803C AQUOS BOARD interactive display as “Best Edtech of InfoComm.”

Watch the video to learn more about the new AQUOS BOARD displays demonstrated at InfoCommm 2015 >

Rental & Staging System Product Awards “Best LCD Display”
Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display System


Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive displays are designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts. Much more than your typical interactive white boards, the AQUOS BOARD display’s highly responsive touch functionality allows several people to write on the same touch screen at the same time.The 2015 Rental & Staging Systems Product Awards recognize the most innovative products released for the staging market. At InfoComm 2015, Rental & Staging recognized the Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display product line as the “Best LCD Display.”

Sound & Video Contractor’s “Best of InfoComm”
Sharp 120″ Class 4K Ultra-High Definition Commercial LCD Display

3As the first in the industry to offer a large format 60″ Class video wall, as well as the first 108″ (107.5″ diagonal) commercially available LCD panel, Sharp remains the leader in “big” displays. The massive 120″ Class display boasts 4K Ultra HD resolution (3,840 x 2,160), showcasing detailed text and breathtaking high-resolution content without sacrificing the viewable area with obtrusive bezels from large format video walls or requiring specialized light controlled environments that come with projectors. Its direct-lit LED backlighting delivers natural, vibrant picture quality and uniform brightness. Providing the highest 4K Ultra-High Definition clarity for close viewing, this high-impact professional display is ideal for a multitude of environments, including data visualization, command and control, surveillance, boardrooms and unified communications.Sound & Video Contractor judges awarded points based on criteria including: innovation, performance against category standard, richness/relevance of feature set, ease of installation/maintenance, and value/ROI. Sound & Video Contractor has recognized the Sharp 120″ Class 4K Ultra-High Definition Commercial LCD Display as “Best of Infocomm.”

We know that you share our pride in this recognition of our innovative display technology. For those of you who were able to attend InfoComm 2015, we greatly appreciate your support. To catch up on all the highlights from the Sharp booth at InfoComm 2015, like us on Facebookand Twitter.


Gary Bailer
Director, Product Planning & Marketing, Pro AV Products
Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America

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