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Our Service Team

From the inception of the company, our service department has been the cornerstone for success at Millennium Business Systems. Our customers recognize the services received from Millennium Business Systems are a key factor that differentiates Millennium Business Systems from the rest of the competition.



Millennium Business Systems Differentiators:

  • Live Phone Reception: When you place a call with Millennium Business Systems it is handled by a live person the right way – the ‘old-fashioned’ way.
  • Real Time Dispatching: Once a call is placed into the system, our automated dispatching software immediately notifies the assigned service professional.
  • Auto Parts Re-Stock: The right part at the right place at the right time. Auto re-stock is performed daily for all of our technicians’ parts inventory. This insures that they have a higher probability to fix the customer’s equipment right on the first visit.
  • Tenure: Our technical staff boasts of over 250+ years of combined service experience.
  • Training: All Millennium Business Systems service professionals are factory trained prior to working on any of our customer’s equipment or networks.
  • Parts and Supplies: All parts and supplies are warehoused locally to insure prompt order fulfillment.
  • First Call Efficiency: Our technicians are evaluated on first call efficiency percentage. Simply put, our focus is on fixing your machine right the first time.
  • MICAS - Sharp's Machine Intelligence Call Assistance System. MICAS is a cloud based software application specifically designed for Sharp devices. Service operations are improved through real-time service notifications and remote diagnostics capability. When a service technician needs to pay you a visit, he/she will have the right parts at the right time- reducing the length of downtime and unplanned interruptions of your document workflow.

When our customers call us, the average emergency response time is 4 hours or less. All technicians are equipped with proper tools, parts inventory, smart cell phones, and G.P.S. to help provide optimum support when our customers need it the most. Our technicians have 24-7 access to all manufacture’s web-sites, parts availability, machine histories and call information. In a world of instant communications and tight deadlines, Millennium Business Systems has invested sufficient resources and time to meet the ever changing needs of customers.

All of our products are backed with the “Product Performance Guarantee”.



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